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Bloomberg Just Doesn’t Get It

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making some irresponsible claims with his latest crusade, and Ohioans are going to end up in his crosshairs. Ohio is a powerhouse—the third largest in the country—in chemical manufacturing, but Bloomberg is now committing $85 million to a campaign attacking future expansion of our industry in Ohio and other states. Ohio is a great place to do business, but if we let coastal billionaires inject their influence into Ohio policymaking, we won’t be for long.

In the modern economy, we are seeing massive reshoring of manufacturing along with substantial efforts to strengthen domestic supply chains. This is good news for American consumers, and crucially helps to insulate us from geopolitical turbulence that continues to impact global markets. Ohio is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these trends, and we are already reeling in big fish with tens of billions of dollars of investment announced in the high-tech semiconductor and electric vehicle industries.

What Bloomberg fails to see is that reshoring is a net positive for the environment. Moving manufacturing from areas of the world with lax environmental standards to the U.S. where there is a robust EPA and a private sector that is committed to clean manufacturing will create a more sustainable future. We make things in Ohio, and we make them safer, cleaner, and smarter every day.

The truth of the matter is that chemistry is always a part of the solution. Our industry invested $11 billion in research and development last year alone, and we continue to find innovative and scalable solutions to addressing climate change and enabling reuse of our vital resources. These achievements are innumerable and frequently get lost in the shuffle, but you have to remember that our industry is essential to achieving sustainability gains through battery technology, solar cells, wind turbines, energy-efficient building materials, and lightweight materials for more efficient vehicles.

Ohio is poised for decades of growth in our industry and many others. We are active partners with policymakers, communities, and private sector stakeholders to continue to improve our processes and build trust with consumers and the public. Everything from iPhones to IVs rely on the industry of chemistry, and we are excited by all of the opportunities coming to our state. It is important that Ohioans see through the attempts of outside interests to push false narratives about the industry. Bloomberg’s agenda may be well intentioned, but it is not well informed. He just doesn’t get it.

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