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Chemistry Industry Hosts Free Conference for Ohio Teachers

Last week, OCTC hosted our 29th Annual Teachers, Industry, and Environment (TIE) Conference. This 3-day event offers free professional development opportunities for 3rd-8th grade science teachers in Ohio. The event is completely free for the teachers thanks to the generous support of our event sponsors.

After only drawing about 45 teachers last year, the conference was at full force with 61 teachers in attendance! The group was excited to be learning fun, engaging, hands-on curriculum that they can take back to their classrooms. The sessions included presentations by scientists from the chemical industry, NASA, Ohio EPA, and the Chemical Educational Foundation. The teachers also got to participate in an in-depth tour of Ashland's Columbus area plant.

OCTC and our member companies continue to promote STEM education, and this event is a great way to give back to the educational community in Ohio. Thank you to all of our sponsors who continue to support this great event!



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