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OCTC Opposes Efforts on Vaccination Mandates

The Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC) opposes the recent efforts in the Ohio General Assembly to ban certain vaccination mandates by employers. Any such bans would prevent our companies from having the flexibility to make the appropriate health and safety decisions within their own facilities. Health and safety considerations are always paramount in an industry like chemical manufacturing, and our members work diligently to meet and exceed the requirements that are imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and our many other state and federal regulators.

Bills like House Bill 435 (HB 435), and others like it, would remove tools from our toolbox. When our businesses make decisions that are designed to provide for the safest workplace and healthiest workforce, they should not be limited from using certain safeguards. HB 435 would be a precedent setting encroachment on the rights of private employers, creating a slippery slope that could erode the healthy and safety of our members’ facilities. OCTC urges the Ohio General Assembly not to move forward with these dangerous policies.

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