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OCTC President Named to State Emergency Response Commission

This month, OCTC President Jenn Klein was reappointed to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) for a term beginning February 11, 2022, and ending January 13, 2024. SERC is the administrative body for the state of Ohio and is responsible for implementing the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), passed by Congress in 1986. Jenn will be representing the interests of the chemical manufacturing industry on the panel.

EPCRA provides for the collection and availability of information regarding the use, storage, production and release of hazardous chemicals to the public and emergency responders in your community. The law promotes a working relationship among government at all levels, business and community leaders, environmental and other public interest organizations, and individual citizens to improve hazard communications and emergency planning.

SERC is made up of nine state agencies: Ohio Environmental Protection Agency; Emergency Management Agency; Attorney General's Office; Health; Transportation; Natural Resources; State Fire Marshal; State Highway Patrol; and Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. Additionally, SERC has 10 voting members: two representing environmental advocacy; two representing industry trade association; three representing firefighting; and three representing local government/municipalities. Two members of the legislature serve as non-voting members.

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