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The Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC) is the leading advocate for Ohio's chemical technology industry, the second largest manufacturing industry in Ohio and the sixth largest chemical manufacturing state in the nation. Since 1988, OCTC has been the effective and trusted voice of communication for elected officials, regulators, media, and the citizens of Ohio.
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OCTC is the leading advocate for Ohio’s chemical technology industry, the second largest manufacturing industry in Ohio. OCTC prides itself on providing its members value by voicing their goals and concerns to Ohio’s elected officials, the media and public.

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Member Blog

FY 2017 EPA Enforcement Results Show Drop in EPA Inspections

On February 8, 2018, U.S EPA (EPA) announced its annual enforcement and compliance results for fiscal year 2017, ending on September 30.  

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No tax deduction for sexual harassment payments subject to NDAs

Parts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that took effect January 1, 2018, have amended Section 162 of the Internal Revenue Code to eliminate tax deductions for settlements, payouts and attorney’s fees “related to sexual harassment or sexual abuse if such payments are subject to a nondisclosure agreement” (NDA).

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Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Cumulative-Exposure Theory for Asbestos Claims

Plaintiffs’ burden of proving that a particular defendant caused an asbestos-related injury will become more difficult due to a recent Ohio Supreme Court opinion discrediting the cumulative-exposure theory.

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School And Workplace Violence Really Is Preventable

Contrary to public opinion, virtually no one makes a sudden decision to show up one day at a school or a workplace with a gun and begin shooting. The motivation of almost all violent perpetrators is to get revenge against those that they feel have harmed them.

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Member Event: Does #MeToo Include You Too?

Thompson Hine is hosting a series of complimentary in-person seminars around Ohio in February. Detailed allegations of sexual harassment and abuse have featured prominently in the news of late, and the use of #MeToo on social media has highlighted the prevalence of these issues in organizations of all sizes and industries.

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