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Ohio’s Leading Chemical Companies Give Back to Local Science Teachers

Ohio’s science educators got a boost last week when the Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC) hosted its 25th annual Teachers, Industry & Environment (TIE) Conference.

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The Department of Justice Reverses its Position on Transgender Discrimination

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has drafted a memo revising the federal government’s position on gender-identity discrimination and formally withdrawing the previous administration’s memo from December 2014.

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Big Win for Ohio Employers in the Supreme Court

Last week, the Ohio Supreme Court issued its decision in the Ferguson v. State of Ohio case, ruling in favor of Ohio’s employers. The Court specifically held that the consent provision within R.C § 4123.512(D), enacted by the legislature in 2006, allowing an employee to dismiss an employer-initiated appeal only with the consent of the employer, is constitutional.

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Resources for Facilitating Implementation of Amended TSCA

The EPA has recently issued two key risk-related documents for implementing TSCA, as amended by the Frank Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act.

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Registration Open: 25th Annual OCTC Teachers, Industry & Environment (TIE) Conference

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BWC changes statute of limitations for filing claims and more

Substitute House Bill 27 goes into effect September 29, 2017, and there are a number of changes that may impact your business.

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